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About Surf Lessons

Surf Lessons are provided by Beach Boy Hale. Our staff takes pride in providing our guests with top quality customer care. We strive to provide a very memorable experience in Hawaii for our customers. Our staff has many years of experience surfing and loves to keep the Hawaiian tradition of surfing alive.


Our Surf Lesson Guarantee

Surf Lessons are provided by Beach Boy Hale.  At Beach Boy Hale we guarantee our students will surf or we will issue a complete refund, no questions asked. We want to ensure that you enjoy your time on vacation or staycation.

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Lesson Times*





*Earlier or later times requires reservations if surf instructors available
*Please call or made reservations online in advance; walkups aren’t guaranteed
*Lessons may be rescheduled, cancelled due to unfavorable wave or weather conditons.

Student Requirements *

Our only requirement for surfing is that the students MUST BE ABLE TO SWIM. This is a non-negotiable term of our surf lessons. Students cannot wear life jackets because for safety reasons students may need to dive under water. 12 years old and under must do a private lesson or private-group lesson for safety reason. For group lessons you must be 13 years old or older and you must feel confident in endurance because the lesson will be a fun but also a good workout with all the paddling out to the surf spot and paddling back to surf instructor after every wave.

Time/Duration: 1.5 hours

Surf Lessons are 1.5 hours. We begin with a 15-20 minute land lesson either on the beach in front of our stand or in the grass behind it. The land lesson covers ocean safety, rules of surfing, paddling technique, pop-up technique and other safety procedures. After the land lesson we spend a full hour in ocean paddling to the surf spot, catching waves and surfing. Surfing is very FUN but strenuous and most students get tired after an hour in the waves.

All Equipment Provided

We provide everything necessary for our surf lessons. We provide our students with: 1. Storage space for valuables 2. Surf Boards 3. Rash Guards. Our beach stand also has several items for rent including: 1. Surf Boards 2. Paddle Boards 3. Ocean Kayaks, Mirage Eclispe and Tours and more.

Weather Conditions

Surf is greatly effected by weather conditions. You can judge a surf instructors ability by his knowledge of meteorology. We will make sure you have a enjoyable time in whatever waves conditions is present. But surf instructors won’t take you surfing if it’s not safe. In Hawaii, wave height, wind direction/speed, and weather conditions are factors on surfing. However in Hawaii it is very rare to have extreme weather conditions of any kind. Most days are beautiful with perfect surf!

Contact Information

Phone: (808) 944-1966


Reserve Now!


Price // Military & Hotel Guest

$45 - Group Lesson

$65 - Private Group Lesson

$100 - Private Lesson

Price // General Public

$60 - Group Lesson

$80 - Private Group Lesson

$125 - Private Lesson

Rental // Includes

1 Surfboard.

Rash guards as needed.

Rental // Benefits

Learn to surf in a safe environment.

Highly experienced and certified staff.

Guaranteed to surf.

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